About Jason

Jason Schmidt was born in California, but grew up in Oregon. After high school, he spent some time in Arizona, before returning to Oregon to pursue a college degree. In 2007, Jason earned a BS in Criminal Justice, aiming to be a police officer. The recession caused the job pool to dry up, so Jason joined the Air Force in 2010 to gain experience in law enforcement within security forces.

The Air Force took Jason all over the world, including Japan, Guam, Kuwait, and a few bases in the states before becoming a civilian again in 2014. Through his military career, the people he met and experiences he had inspired many of his story themes and characters.

Jason’s been a lifelong fan of comics, videogames, science fiction, and fantasy. Writing had been on his mind for a long time but it wasn’t something he considered doing until he missed the birth of his first daughter while serving in Kuwait. He wanted to pursue something where he could control his own fate, and never miss time with his family again.

This inspired him to begin writing The Birth of Malice in 2012. It was published in 2016. His second book, The Trials of Malice was published in early 2019. Jason is currently living near Washington DC with his wife and two daughters.