Antihero Trilogy Book 1

A group of heroes known as the Paragons have become corrupt and regularly abuse their powers for their own gain. Villains, known as the Fallen, are slaughtering innocent people and devastating cities. In this carnage, Adam loses his wife and daughter.

When Adam is given powers by a stranger, he’s also given a chance to change things. Will he be the one to finally end the corruption and violence of his predecessors? Or is Adam going to take the destruction and carnage to another level?

Antihero Trilogy Book 2

As the struggles continue for Malice, he must find a way to outsmart his foes. Boss and the remnants of the Paragons are regrouping. Cataclysm and Lament are out killing indiscriminately. Malice will have to find allies to put a stop to the chaos or become overwhelmed by these powerful enemies.

What is Malice willing to do to save the people he cares for? Can he right the wrongs that have been made by Mr. Gray? Will he keep from becoming a tyrant like his foes? Or will his incredible power turn him into the same kind of monster he is trying to defeat?